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Quanshu Daoyin Neidan Anmo Dao
School of Daoist Yangsheng Arts
禪 拳 術

ChanQuanShu is a school of

Daoist YangSheng Arts

that teaches techniques based upon principles of Internal Energy

The name ChanQuanShu is composed of three elements

Chan (meditation)  

Quan (boxing or fist)  

Shu (art)

Therefore ChanQuanShu can be translated as the Art of the Meditative Fist

CQS contains five branches symbolized by the five dragons.

() Red Dragon for the Quanshu (Martial) Branch

() Green Dragon for the Daoyin / Qigong / Taijiquan (health) Branch

() Blue Dragon for the Neidan (Internal Alchemy) Branch

() White Dragon for the Anmo (Massage) Branch

() Yellow Dragon for the Dao, the philosophy central to the other four branches

School of Daoist Yangsheng Arts


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