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Daoist Meditation Introduction


Shouyi is a general term for meditation in Daoism. Since Daoism itself consists of many traditions, each based on a different revelation of the Dao, there are many forms of Daoist meditation, different sects practicing different styles. For example:-


Concentrative Meditation

Concentrative Meditation is a state in which the conscious awareness of the adept is fixated on one single object to the exclusion of all others. Training in concentration is usually a prerequisite to entering higher or altered states of consciousness. Guarding the One (shouyi) and focusing on the lower Dantian are examples of this type.


Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation is an advanced type of meditation practice in which the adept applies the power of concentration indiscriminately to all sensual stimuli. Inner Vision (neiguan) is an example in which the adepts own body becomes the centre of focus.


Daoists use meditation to cultivate health and longevity and attain the highest level of spiritual development, the union with the Dao. In the early stages of spiritual development, meditation is used to clear the mind, minimise desire, balance the emotions, and circulate internal energy. In the later stages, it is used to help the practitioner to be united with the Dao, the undifferentiated origin of all things.

Chanquanshu uses a range of traditional Daoist meditation routines that allow the student to progress slowly using beginner to intermediate to advanced techniques.


  • Beginner techniques are for improving the Body.
  • Intermediate techniques are for improving the Mind.
  • Advanced techniques are for improving the Spirit.

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