Chanquanshu is a school of

Daoist Yangsheng Arts

that teaches techniques based upon principles of Internal Energy.


The name Chanquanshu is composed of three elements.


禪 Chan (meditation)

拳 Quan (boxing or fist)

術 Shu (art)


Therefore Chanquanshu can be translated as the Art of the Meditative Fist


CQS contains five branches symbolized by the five dragons.


(●) Red Dragon symbolizes the Quanshu (Martial) Branch

(●) Blue Dragon symbolizes the Neidan (Internal Alchemy) Branch

(●) Green Dragon symbolizes the Daoyin / Qigong / Taijiquan (health) Branch

(●) White Dragon symbolizes the Anmo (Massage) Branch

(●) Yellow Dragon symbolizes the Dao, the philosophy central to the other four branches


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禪 拳 術

The photograph is of the Five Dragon Temple at Wudang Mountain

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